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Turnike Sistemleri

Turnike Sistemleri

The main task of a strategy consultant is to provide a strategic advice on a certain management topic. Several activities are part of this phase, including data gathering through desk research, surveys and/or interviews, hypothesis-testing, (fact-based) data analysis, setting up a recommendation and subsequently presenting the advice to client management. The implementation of the strategy – known as ‘strategy execution’ – involves translating strategies to action plans and implementing these plans within the organisation, including areas such project management and benefit realisation.

Risk Consulting

Strategy consultants are hired by clients to support them with strategic decision making, which includes the development of strategy and to an extent also the execution of strategic plans. As the responsibility for strategic decision making falls under the mandate of CxO’s and (senior) management, strategy consultants typically work for executives and high-ranked managers.

Having developed a deep understanding of the key issues and dynamics that govern multiple industries and functional expertise, we are able to provide strategic advice to our clients helping them to acquire substantive business results of both a financial and operational nature.

Our Solutions

In a competitive marketplace, private company leaders like you need an advisor who has demonstrated experience in developing solutions to the issues and challenges facing companies. You want an advisor who understands business strategy, technology solutions, risk management and strategic data analysis.

The Strategy and business planning services aim at outlining, designing and executing our clients strategic and business plans. Through the implementation of strategic and business plans and sectoral analyses and organizational and operational planning, the department provides solutions which contribute to the effective, systematic and sustainable development of businesses and organizations.

  • Design, implementation, application and evaluation of financial instruments
  • Fund management for the implementation of financial insturments
  • Consulting services for the design, support, funding and implementation of Concession projects or PPPs
  • Independent Expert Review of Investment Plans
  • Design and monitoring of Business Plans and Feasibility Studies
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